Intergalactic Tutu Day Facts

Only ballerinas wear tutus

Wrong! Anyone can wear a tutu.

Boys don't wear tutus.

Wrong! All the coolest boys we know wear tutus from time to time.

Everyone looks tough in a tutu!

True! Well... even if it's not, everyone looks good in a tutu!

Tutus are always pink and girly!

Wrong! You can make a tutu any color, and out of almost any light material!

Tutus make your butt look smaller!

True! The fluff of a tutu is famed throughout the cosmos for its figure enhancing properties!

Tutus are like an instant party!

False! Tutus aren't 'LIKE' an instant party, they ARE an instant party!!

Tutus make you sing better!

While we're not 100% sure about this one we are sure everyone will be so excited about your tutu that they won't care how you sound!